"Return to sender" - what if an invitation gets returned to you?

It is likely that at least one of your perfectly-addressed-and-stamped wedding invitations will arrive back in your mailbox with a big ugly “return to sender” stamp. No matter how careful and thorough you are, a mistake can still slip through in the addressing process. The first thing to do if an invitation is returned to you is to double check the address, preferably with the recipient. 

If there are still at least three weeks until your wedding day, you can try to re-send the invitation. Remove it from the old envelope and put it in a new one (this is one of the reasons you order extras!) Then re-write the address and put on a stamp. The priority is to get the invitation in the mail in time, even if you have to use a different stamp or address the invitation yourself. 

If there are fewer than three weeks until the wedding, or if the invitation is returned a second time, it’s best to invite that particular guest over the phone.