What to do before ordering wedding invitations

Even though ordering wedding invitations is something that needs to be done many months before the wedding, there are a lot of loose ends that have to be tied up first. Make sure you have the following things taken care of before you sit down to place your order, and the process will go much more smoothly!

1) Have an idea of the overall style/feel/color scheme of your wedding.

This helps narrow down the options. Consider choosing invitations based on the wedding location, venue, flowers, or time of year. Maybe there is a specific motif or symbol you would like to use throughout all the paper elements?

2) Have an idea about how formal your wedding will be.

Just deciding on formal, semiformal, or informal is enough.Your invitations set the tone for your guests and help them know what kind of wedding to expect and how they should dress. To learn more about what formal, semiformal, and informal wedding invitations look like, see here.

3) Know the date, time, and location of the ceremony and reception.

This one is self-explanatory – the most basic purpose of an invitation is to pass this information on to your guests. 

4) Decide who is officially hosting the wedding, and will issue the invitation.

The first line of a wedding invitation usually names the hosts, who are the people issuing the invitation. Traditionally, the hosts were the people paying for the wedding, who traditionally were the bride’s parents. Today, you may list the host(s) as a way to honor those providing financial support. You can also name your parents as hosts as a nod to tradition, even if you or someone else is actually financing the wedding. You can also list both his and her parents, and stepparents if you wish. It is also entirely appropriate for the bride and groom to host/issue the invitation as well. You could also write the invitation in a passive voice with no hosts listed ( The pleasure of your company/is requested at the marriage of…) Just make sure you figure this out before you are set to order invitations, and check to see how both your parents feel about it so you don’t hurt any feelings.

5) Decide which additional enclosures you will need to order, and what they should say.

It’s best to order these at the same time as the invitations to save on shipping. See a list of enclosures you may want to consider here.

6) Know approximately how many people you’re inviting.

Make sure to order extra invitations for last-minute additions to the guest list, keepsakes for you and your family, and for your photographer to photograph on your wedding day.

7) Know approximate invitation budget.

Remember to include postage, programs, signs and day-of décor like escort cards, and thank you notes.