When should I send save the dates?

Save-the-dates are actually a relatively new phenomenon. According to The Knot, only 57% of couples sent save-the-dates in 2009, but 75% did in 2014. The rise in popularity is probably due to the increased length of engagements (the average engagement lasts 14 months), as well as busier lives and more people living far from family and friends and needing to travel out of town for weddings. 

Because save-the-dates are a relatively new aspect of weddings, there aren’t hard and fast rules of etiquette or tradition to guide their usage. Instead, we should rely on common sense and consideration for wedding guests when making decisions.

The span for mailing Save the Dates is very broad – between six and twelve months before the wedding date. As with invitations, you might want to send Save the Dates as far as one year ahead of the wedding date if:

  1. A lot of people will be traveling to the wedding location from out of town
  2. You’re having a destination wedding
  3. Your wedding is on or near a holiday weekend (Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, beginning or end of school year)
  4. You have them ready, and you want to be courteous and allow your guests as much time to plan as possible. 
  5. You’re just excited to send them out and spread the word about your wedding