The Etiquette Desk

I'm really excited to be working on a new section for the website called "The Etiquette Desk." Brides have a lot of questions about wedding invitations, which are often one of the first things to think about when planning a wedding. I thought it might be useful to gather together in one place some of the most frequently asked and challenging questions about wedding etiquette, especially questions about invitations.

Invitation etiquette touches on so many different aspects of wedding planning. From the guest list, to nailing down all the details about when and where the wedding will be, to colors, there are a lot of decisions to be made. There are also less obvious questions you have to answer when planning wedding invitations: how formal of an event do you want this to be? Are you parents hosting? Do you want the invitation to say you're being married "to" your fiancé? 

Hopefully people find it helpful, or at least entertaining to read! I'd love to hear more etiquette questions or situations and help you try to figure out an answer - there's a form on the main page to submit questions!