Should you invite your boss and coworkers to your wedding?

It’s a nice gesture to invite your boss and coworkers, but not necessary. You probably spend a lot of time with these people, and it could be a nice way to strengthen your relationships. However, if your wedding would be less The Office and more Office Space with your coworkers there, you are not under any obligation to invite them.

If you’re on the fence, consider at least inviting your boss, especially if the wedding is local, and you have a good relationship with him or her.

If you decide to invite coworkers as well, it’s best to draw a clear line – maybe just your one best friend, your supervisor, or just like those elementary-class Valentines or birthday parties, everyone on your team/in your department. Be very sensitive to friend-groups and not leaving anyone out. An all-or-none approach is safest.

Sometimes coworkers will throw an engagement party or bridal shower for you prior to the wedding, or send you a gift – this does not mean you have to invite them to the wedding. (This is the only time you’re allowed to not invite people who are at an engagement party or shower to your wedding.)

Make sure you send thank you notes to any coworker who hosts an event in your honor or sends you a gift, whether or not they’re invited to the wedding. No need to apologize for not inviting them or make excuses – just thank them for the gift/hosting the party.

As with other guest list quandaries, it is your wedding and you are completely in your right to just invite people you like or want to have there. Just know that there might be some ripple affects you have to deal with when you pick and choose.



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