Charley Paper Co. Manifesto


At Charley Paper Company, we think there's a better way to shop for wedding invitations. Finding the perfect invitation shouldn't mean you have to spend days searching through endless pages on huge web sites where nothing really stands out. 

We have created an alternative approach to wedding invitation shopping - we are a wedding invitation boutique. We have done the legwork for you, by providing a small number of completely unique designs that are on par with the top custom designs, without the price or hassle.  

We think that you can have an inspired, stylish, romantic, beautiful wedding invitation suite without the expense and stress of hiring a designer or calligrapher to make something from scratch.

If you are planning a romantic, elegant, organic, vintage, stylish, modern wedding, we know exactly what you're looking for. If you're on the same page, sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media. With our help, your perfect wedding invitations are completely in reach!

Megan KelsoComment